Where to Start When Home Buying!

October 16, 2020

Recently, I have met several couples that want to see homes, but who do not have cash to purchase. So, they will need a loan in order to purchase. Yet, they wish to look at homes prior to being pre-approved with a lender.

Why don't I show homes to unapproved buyers? 

1. If I show you a home that you like we can not submit an offer without proof of funds. A contract is not a contract without some means of exchange.

2. As a Buyer's Agent I am working in your best interest to say you need a pre-approval. This proves to the Seller you are sincere. Would you not be disappointed if you saw the home of your dreams and by the time you have your pre-approval the home is under contract with someone else. 3. I am only suppose to show homes to people that can afford to purchase that home. If you are not pre-approved how do I know you can afford the home you wish to see?

4. You may qualify for a particular kind of loan, IE: RD, VHDA, FHA 203, VA, etc. You may find you need a specific amount for a down payment. You may need to get gift funds from a relative or someone else. All these questions should be answered prior to looking at property because it helps you make a wiser search for the home you want.

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