Good News for Home Buyers in Virginia!

February 21, 2024

There is great news for home buyers in Virginia....

77 lenders throughout Virginia have teamed up with Virginia Housing - formerly VHDA.  They have rolled out new programs for ALL HOME BUYERS!

For low income, 1st Time Home Buyers you may now qualify for 101% financing!  WOW!  Should I repeat that?  101% Financing for qualified borrowers.... AMAZING!

Have you previously owned a home, but would like to move?  Now you may qualify for 100% financing with Virginia Housing through a corresponding lender like Fairway Mortgage.  Ask your lender if they participate in Virginia Housing Programs!

Are you looking to live in a 2-4 unit home?  FreddieMac has a 5% down purchase program for qualified buyers.  This is a terrific opportunity to become a landlord in an owner occupied property Nationwide!

Need a 40 year loan?  Rural Development maybe able to help you if you qualify.  It's certainly worth scheduling a chat with your local USDA Office to find out how.

Many of these programs are not mainstreamed.  Connect with 1Simple Realty for more information 540.445.1296 for details.  Many Realtors and Lenders are not familiar with these programs.

1Simple Realty works with private money lenders to fund real estate deals for investors in many states.  These programs are for non-occupied property, both residential and commercial up to $400,000,000.  Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Are you looking to fund your own deals with your nest egg?  Don't spend it all on one deal.  We work with Financial Planners around the country to show you the best avenue for your money to grow for your future.  Call us today and we will schedule a chat.

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