Have you Heard... Increase Cash Flow?

April 05, 2023

The buzz words today are:  'It's not your faulty',  'Make lots of $$ Fast',

'Invest in...'

Food prices are increasing, gas is crazy!  Your salary is shrinking! What can you do?

#1.  Are you happily employed?  Do you enjoy the 9-5 steady paycheck?  The security of having taxes and insurance come out every week?

If yes, a second job is only going to pay more taxes.  You need to find a 'side hustle.'  Find ways to make money at what you enjoy or love doing!  This will lead to more income that you will enjoy making.

Have you always dreamed of owning your own business, but don't know where to start?  Start with a Business Coach in the field you have interest in.  Be sure to ask what their experience is.  You want someone who has been where you are and successfully moved to the next level.

Do you want to become an Investor in real estate?  in businesses?  In the stock market?  Realize not everyone makes money in these Investments.  Junior partner with an experienced Investor who is willing to show you the ropes.  This drastically reduces your risk factor if they are truly successful.

Note to self:  When you follow your dreams of self-employment or investing success comes from within before it shows without.  Find a partner that can explain this saying to you.

#2.  Spend Less

To truly change your lifestyle create an accurate monthly list of spending.

After Housing, Utilities (electric/gas, water/sewer, phone/internet), Insurance (health, dental, eye care, housing insurance, auto insurance), Food, parking, pet care, clothing, do you have children?  do you need child care?  Eating out?  Entertainment? Subscriptions? Loans: student, auto, personal, home loans, credit card debt

After accurately figuring out what you spend you can now decide where you can cut back.  Can you make cuts each month that will lead to bigger rewards.

When we're under 30 can you save as little as $100.00 a month?  A hundred dollars a month today can provide $1200 emergency fund for you.  Invested it will build upon itself to create a wonderful down payment on a home, or retirement in the future.

#3.  Become a Business Owner.  - There are some businesses people successfully do on the side.  IE: farming, many Licensed Sales positions.  Such as Financial Planners, Insurance Sales people, Real Estate Agents.

Keep in mind; to be successful as a part-time owner you must be consistent, and committed.  Time Management is important.  Committed to the mind set of building a business is different than working for someone else.  Direction must come from you because you are your own boss.

Even if you work at a Real Estate Company or Insurance Company, you must motivate yourself.  You must know why you have committed to this endeavor.  What will you gain by making these choices?

If you find this helpful, please drop me a line.  If you have questions give me a call.  I worked at a desk for many years, thirty years ago I took the plunge into self employment.  After the first six months I couldn't imagine going back to a desk job for someone else.  I can help you in your journey to Financial Freedom.  Just reach out and let me know.  We love helping others and we make space for others in our businesses.  Together we can grow to help you become Financially Free!

1Simple Realty & Investments.  540-445-1296 [email protected]

written by: TC Cooksley, Entrepreneur, Investor, Licensed Real Estate Broker & Licensed Insurance Agent, teaching Financial Intelligence.

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