Consider Selling Your House?

October 14, 2020

Everyone wants a Bargain!!

What does that mean to someone consider selling a house?  They want a deal on the commissions or perhaps they do not believe they need a Realtor in today 'Make Me Move' options.

Statistically, a Realtors #1 job to the Seller is to partner with them to help get them the most for their property.  This is determined by asking questions to see what is motivating the Seller.  Top dollar is not always the answer.

Earlier this year, I had a Seller choose an Investors Offer over an Owner Occupant simply because they knew the Investor... their offer was not the highest bid!

Last month I had an Owner chose one offer over another because the Buyers wrote a compelling letter.  Otherwise their offer was the same as two other offers.

Without a Realtor, would a Seller get multiple offers?  When I look at homes in my area the Days on the Market are on average six to eighteen months!!! Homes I have listed Days on the Market average three from list to under contract and 30 days to close!

WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING DIFFERENTLY?  Suggestion and guidance are my biggest assets in the Real Estate Market!  You may sell a home once every few years or once in your life.  I look at homes everyday!  I have a proven program you can join me for the full course, or only take part of the program.  It's your choice.

1.  I walk with you through the house and listen to what you are saying.  What is new, what memories you are leaving, what you may change.

2.  I suggest what to take out, and explain why.  What may work better in a different room.

3.  Are you ready to let my team and I help you stage to success the inside and outside of the property?

We have the experience to know what works and what doesn't.   We know what draws the eye in your price point.

We can make your home 'move-in ready' only with your cooperation.

4.  We have a proven 'Marketing Solution' that is the same as many with add-ons we only go into details on when you sign the paperwork with us to be your partners.

5.  We have Buyers in this marketplace.  We work with cooperating agents and lenders to help locate additional prospective buyers.

6.  We care about you and your outcome!  Inside each folder from us is helpful guides on Budgeting, Seller numbers, Moving Tips, Helpful Contacts, Information on State Guidelines, How to determine the Right Price for your property.

Let me be your Information Guide to select sources to help you reach your goals to make a move quickly.  The alternative is to keep your house in tip top shape for months on end as you dream of where you want to be.

creator:  T.C. Cooksley, Associate Broker with United Real Estate, Mentor, Instructor, Author

To reach T.C. send a note: [email protected]

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